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The Lifelong Learning Center (LLC) is a day habilitation activity center specifically designed for those persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Born from the need of the community and through Avant Residential & Community Services. (Avant) which is a small family-owned and operated organization with exceptional personal and professional experience working with people with special needs. With 16 years of experience, the organization specializes in Home and Community Based Services, to include, but not limited to, Respite, Supported Living (Group Homes), Community Support, Day Habilitation, Nursing, Behavior Support, Supported Employment, Employment assistance, OT, PT, Speech, and Dental. These services are for people with Intellectual disabilities as well as other developmental disabilities.
  • The LLC is a nonprofit (501c3) organization where abilities meet possibilities.

The Business
The LLC is a day habilitation learning center specifically designed for those persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This day habilitation learning center provides a safe and inviting environment.

Our individualized programs offer clients the opportunity to pursue a variety of activities individually or within small groups, and are designed to stimulate and make their lives fulfilling and productive. These specialized programs help to promote independence. The LLC has a holistic approach that works with all aspects of an individual – bringing together work, family, friends and community to ensure a rewarding experience.

Our Day Habilitation Services and activities offer specialized programs to increase self-reliance for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This holistic approach is all about you and yours. The most sought after outcome is that through our services, our individual clients, their families, and the community will have the opportunity to experience LLC where Abilities meet Possibilities.

Why Should you choose The Lifelong Learning Center?
Where Abilities Meet Possibilities
We are a group of parents, professionals, and siblings with 22+ years of personal and professional experience dedicated to serving and enriching the lives of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our mission and vision is built upon the integrity of our core values; Dignity, independence, acceptance, adaptability, self-reliance, community, education, family involvement, diversity, and stewardship.

Individuals of all levels of ability and disability are valued, respected and included in their community.


Teaching individuals to be independent by empowering them with knowledge & skills


Acceptance from the community, peers, and families through education and community involvement.


Learning how to adapt & accept changing situations & conditions


Having the confidence and education to enhance decision making possibilities


We actively embrace our families, and community leaders, while collaborating and partnering with other agencies and organizations to broaden our impact


Teaching life skills, money management, & employment assistance

Family involvement

Families are the individuals’ best advocate and teacher therefore we strive to empower and support families as we understand that families are the constant in the individuals’ lives


Embody responsible planning and management of donations and provide transparency to our donors as they are essential partners in creating growth and opportunities


We embrace all levels of abilities/disabilities by striving to have Staff and Volunteers who reflect the community that we serve

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